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Good Things Still Happen

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

It seems that every day the news is filled with stories about war, terrorism, crime, pollution, inequality, drug abuse and oppression.

Magazine covers warn us of coming anarchies, plagues, epidemics, collapses, and so many “crises” (farm, health, retirement, welfare, energy, deficit) that copywriters have had to escalate to “serious crisis.”

I would love to share good news stories, simple things , random acts of kindness that happen to us as we go about our daily lives.

Good things still happen!

I do however need people to share those stories with me so I can publish. Can be named or anonymous send to

Story 1

A Random act of kindness (I've always loved this idea and have acted on it in small ways) Rather a long post I'm afraid but one I think worth sharing . Some background I've been thinking for a while that I might like to revisit my primary school days of playing guitar so I have been looking out for a guitar. On Saturday after our kayaking adventure we caught a steam train from Bewdley whilst waiting for train there where some stalls selling mostly 1940's clothes but other bric a brac as well . I found a guitar for £25 which seemed to play ok but I wasn't sure . Then a chap picked it up and played it far better than me , so I asked him what he thought of it . He said the make isn't renowned but the action felt good and if I could get it for £20 it would be a bargain. ( i had explained my thoughts re primary school) I still wasn't sure so left it and went into the station took some pictures and made my way over the track to platform 3 . Approximately fifteen minutes after my conversation about the guitar the man came walking down platform with guitar in hand and gave it to me saying "you know those random acts of kindness well this is one of them learn to play it " he turned on his heel and disappeared back up the platform. Stunned but thrilled ❤

Anonymous post

Story 2

I was told this good things still happen story a couple of months ago by a lovely lady that came to our lunch at the cafe manor wood right from when we started it . She liked this idea of sharing good things still happen and said I’ve got one for you

“ whitewell church were having their harvest festival supper and the tickets were priced at £15.00 I really wanted to go but decided I couldn’t justify the price , then nearer the time out of the blue someone gave me a ticket I was made up ”

It may not seem much to some but it meant a lot.

In memory of Rosalind.

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