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Helpline: 07967 559 594


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What can we do for you?

We offer a supportive, guiding and confidential facility to those requiring help in times of difficulty which include challenges relating to:

Financial Pressure /Family Dispute/ BPS / Tenancy Issues / Loss

Policy Regulations/ Diseases / Loneliness Long Hours

Support line: 07967 559 594

Cheshire Agricultural Chaplaincy email: 

Since 2000 we have helped hundreds of Cheshire farmers and their families through difficult times.


Through our network we work with a number of larger and respected organisations,to help support you these include: 

Addington Fund, Mind, Citizens Advice Bureau, Farming Community Network, Royal Agricultural, Benevolent Institution, NFU, Tenant Farmers Association, Specialist agencies such as the Alzheimer’s Society, Age UK and many more.

Our Network for Supporting You

We have a group of volunteers who will speak with farmers over the phone or will visit them on the farm in an effort to help them see through the difficult times that so many farmers are experiencing at present. With our various connections we are able to put people in touch with the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution, ARC Addington Fund, Citizens Advice Bureau, Debt Advisors and Farm Business Advisors among others.

We are the agents for FCN (Farm Community Network) in Cheshire and Wirral. This national organisation has the same core principles as the chaplaincy, essentially a desire to support and care for anyone involved in farming who is experiencing difficulties with a personal open this related. Any calls directed to FCN helpline are immediately redirected to the chaplaincy. As the chaplaincy we are also able to provide long-term support and a range of social opportunities.     

All our volunteers who visit the farmers have farming experience or knowledge and as such are well aware of the difficulties facing the farming community.

Meet & Eat

We also offer MEET & EAT groups which we started in September 2018 and are now ongoing monthly .

If you enjoy good food and a chat with like minded people this is a great place to start.

For farmers, agricultural workers which are retired or still working, their families.

Its good to talk, and have the opportunity to do something different. 

For our program of Meet & Eat venues and times please visit our Events page 

Night Owls

Born off the back of the lunches for those of us that can't do lunch but still want to be social we do Night Owls.  For farmers, agricultural workers, their families or ancillary Ag trades.  For anyone, couples or singles who fancy meeting for a drink, a meal or an activity like ten pin bowling, go carting etc.

Why not take a chance and do something different?  We organise ourselves via a WhatsApp chat group and post on social media.

for more information contact or see our events calendar



"Having undergone such awful circumstances I have so appreciated your support. It's been wonderful. I couldn't have coped and I really did need help. I can't imagine how I would have got through this without you. Thank you very much for listening."


"My tenancy was at risk due to delayed BPS payments and I felt very emotional. I was struggling to continue and finding the situation very difficult. Thank you for helping to get my claim processed more speedily."


:Thank you for being so understanding of my position and being so supportive."


"It was so important to my recovery that you understood the impact farming issues can have on mental health."


"Thank you for a very professional service."


"We had been farming for years and absorbed all the layers and layers of life stuff and business stuff. Then one day another layer dropped on me it was nothing much really but was the one that dropped me into a dark hole one which I couldn't just get out of ! I found agchap, that person reached out and just held me there we talked  about all sorts, of my fears, worries things from years ago. They just listened didn't judge,  just quietly encouragingly pointing out all the positives of my life  and my own abilities of which I'd forgotten. 

The sides were slippy in that hole but with that kind of  care, support and belief  I PULLED MYSELF OUT ! That's the important bit I PULLED MYSELF OUT."


Contact Helen (You don’t even need to give your address if you don’t want):
By letter:
Helen Rutter 

Mount Pleasant Farm, Ridley, Tarporley, CW3 9RY

07967 559594

Other Resources

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