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  • Donate Here

    Here for the tough, when the going gets rough.
    • For every £1 we receive in donations we give
    • £12 back in value of care and support
  • Donate Here

    Here for the tough, when the going gets rough.
    • For every £1 we receive in donations we give
    • £12 back in value of care and support

Donations to support the work of the Chaplaincy

All donations received will go towards supporting farmers in crisis and providing a support to those needing to build up their resilience in dealing with life events and trauma


VALUE OF THE AGRICULTURAL CHAPLAINCY - £12.01 for every £1 invested

The Future Farming Resilience Project was set up by DEFRA to provide resilience support to farmers and land managers to help them through the ‘Agricultural Transition Period’ following Brexit.  Anne Lawson took part in the project on behalf of the  Chaplaincy, which was enabled by Rose Regeneration (an economic regeneration business with a particular interest in community and rural affairs) and Lincolnshire Open Research and Innovation Centre based at Bishop Grosseteste University.  The aim of the project was to measure the impact Farm Support Networks have on the health and wellbeing of farmers and land managers and to help measure the impact of the FSN and improve services provided. 

The activities of the Cheshire Agricultural Chaplaincy were investigated, and the social impact of the activities was measured using the Social Value Engine software developed by Rose Regeneration and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

The research found

  • Most respondents reported improvement in mental health and outlook.           

  • Some reported improvement in their farming businesses.

Many respondents reported feeling supported by the Chaplaincy resulting in feeling less lonely and improved mental health.

Other outcomes reported through the research

  • Improved family relationships

  • Feeling of empowerment as business improved, resulting in improved mental outlook.


It also revealed

  • The Chaplaincy is a trusted intermediary between service users and other agencies.

  • The Chaplaincy is typically the first port of call for farmers and a source of information when seeking help.


Cheshire Agricultural Chaplaincy provides support to farmers in 5 major areas

1. Telephone helpline and crisis support

2. Face-to-face and follow-up pastoral care

3. Non-pastoral support (legal, succession planning, business resilience advice)

4. Networking events (lunches) and presence at agricultural shows

5. Social media updates, engagement and encouragement


The significant feature of the Chaplaincy is the ability to speak the language of farmers, enabling them to reach groups who would never access support from other agencies.  This also enables them to advocate to resolve business and financial challenges in ways other advocacy agencies cannot.

The work of the chaplaincy was valued at £1,168,252.68 in total which costs £97,244.38 to deliver.  Therefore, it was concluded that The Agricultural Chaplaincy achieves a Social Return on Investment of £12.01 on every £1 invested

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