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A Barrel Of Laughs and Magic with John Archer as seen on Britains got talent . Update

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Well this evening didn't disappoint . Sticky few moments as we came onto the field great British weather doing its usual! Secretly I think a few really enjoyed full throttle sliding sideways up a hill .

Beech Tree Catering provided a fantastic meal which everyone enjoyed.

Then the evenings entertainment started.

Simon lamb had us laughing from the outset with his wonderfully quick witted one liners, his natural comedic way encouraged the bidding and the auction raised alone a fantastic amount of money.

Then on came John Archer with our chuckle muscles already well warmed up it didn't take much for the laughter to start ! An excellent performance with magic that wowed and puzzled us all. Fantastic just fantastic if you missed it you should have been there .

Some photos of the evening many thanks to our event sponsors again .

The Farmart, Meadow Foods,Hillsgreen and RVW Pugh.

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