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Liz - P.A to lead chaplain

Liz -  P.A to lead chaplain

My Name is Liz McGrath and I was brought up on a Dairy Farm in Cheshire.  I have been so fortunate to have attended Knutsford Methodist Church all my life, they are like my extended family.  

After A levels I went to work as a volunteer for Youth for Christ, working in South Trafford in local primary and secondary schools, churches and running youth clubs.  It was challenging work and something that has stayed with me.  I joined and got involved in Cheshire Young Farmers and was Secretary and Lady Chairman of Knutsford young farmers.  Many of my lifelong friendships were formed there.

Most of my adult life has been involved with Dairy Farming, but unfortunately due to a series of personal circumstances my life has had to take a different turn.  So, I have put the administration skills I learnt in young farmers, and as a Parish Clerk to four Parish councils to work and I currently work for a local potato marketing company, as well as undertaking book work for a few local firms.

Sadly, I am no stranger to the difficulties mental health brings, and especially the effect of the challenges faced by the agricultural industry.  I have suffered myself, seen it first-hand changing and disabling those I love.  Therefore, I want to help, use all the knowledge I have painfully gained to help others navigate their way through the tough times and show them there is light to guide us out of our darkest despair.

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