Support for all the Farming Community “We are here for the Tough when the Going gets Rough”

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

These are anxious times for many not least because of the virus but on everyone's whole way of life.

We have never experienced anything like it before.

Many in the farming community are facing COVID19 with the same resilience they face everything!

Some are self-isolating or maybe unwell.

We are here to help where we can: -

· Meal Deliveries

· Grocery Shopping Service

· Prescription Collection

· Video Calls

· Telephone & Text support

· Social Media Group Support

Please feel free to contact us by phone, text/email for a chat.

We are here for farmers, agricultural workers, retired or still working, their families or ancillary Ag trades.

As a community we can band together support each other through fears and illness.

Join our WhatsApp group for lighthearted banter and/or to share your worries there is always someone there- 07967 559594 or Email:

#InThisTogether #FoodArmy #ItsGoodToTalk

Survive and we will thrive together”

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