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Research On Mental Health In Agriculture

Trying to Get a Better Understanding of Mental Health in Agriculture.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed if you’re going through a tough time. Sometimes it can feel like things will never get better. Because of this many people feel suicidal at some point in their lives. Those in the agricultural sector have twice the suicide rate than the national average.

My name is Naomi Hilton and I am doing a study on suicidal thoughts for my MSc in Psychology at Coventry University.

The purpose is to gain a better understanding of individuals who experience suicidal thoughts and feelings within the farming community and identify the support that is needed. 

I would like to talk to individuals who:

- live and work in the agricultural and/or farming sectors

- have experienced suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives

- have not had suicidal thoughts in the last 18 months

- have any other current mental ill health under good management 

I would be looking for you to volunteer a short amount of time to talk to me about your experiences, face to face or by Skype.  All discussions are confidential and all information gathered is anonymised. You would be provided with information about who to contact for further help and support if you wanted it. 

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in finding out more about this study please contact me at  

The study has been approved by Coventry University Research Ethics (project review no. P93620). This means this research projects adheres to the highest ethical standards.

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