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A Gentle Reminder

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

I cried today, 

for a struggling friend, 

A mother, a sister, a brother, 

who cares in the end, 

They suffered in silence, 

The pain never known, 

Until it grew too great, 

They could not cope on their own

They decided to leave us, 

To exit the world, 

In a state of pure misery, 

Into which we're now hurled,

Don't let it be said, 

That we didn't ask how they were feeling, 

Because I did and still now, 

In my guilt, I am reeling, 

Why didn't I push you, 

Why couldn't I see,

What your pained eyes, 

Were trying to tell me, 

I think I was busy, 

And just caught the smile, 

And now I'd give anything, 

To talk for a while, 

Why didn't you tell me, 

Why couldn't you share, 

You knew I'd do anything, 

I'd always be there!, 

But you wouldn't be a burden, 

You slapped on a grin, 

That masked every feeling, 

Held deep within, 

I love you so dearly, 

And my lesson is learned, 

Talk to your loved ones, 

Where mental health is concerned, 

Don't be complacent, 

Don't muddle on, 

Because you might just blink, 

And they could be gone! 

In the days like just now , 

Of trolls and bad farming weather, 

Look after each other, 

And let's hold it together, 

Don't hold it in, 

Until you feel you might burst, 

Of the bad things in the world, 

Mental health isn't the worst! 

By Jen Bremner

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