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Monica -Assistant Chaplain

Monica -Assistant Chaplain

I was born in 1947 at RAF Gutersloh, Germany and have two younger sisters. I grew up in Prenton, Birkenhead, Wirral and attended Woodchurch Secondary School for Girls. I was a regular worshipper at Holy Cross church, Woodchurch, where I was confirmed and had been a bell ringer and chorister.

I started my first job in 1963 at Silcock and Lever Feeds in Liverpool as a stock control clerk but was soon promoted to a computer animal feed formulator and in 1968 I transferred to the animal feed factory as a Personnel Assistant where my duties involved payroll and the interviewing of hourly paid workers. The factory closed in 1971 and I was made redundant but soon secured a job in the Dole Office in Birkenhead. I have been involved with the Chaplaincy on a voluntary basis for over 10 years. In July 2018 I passed the University of Chester’s Certificate of Higher Education in Ministry and qualified as a Pastoral Worker to the Cheshire Agricultural Chaplaincy Team. The training involved listening to those preparing for Baptism and Marriage, the Sick and the Dying and those bereaved. I have a huge involvement in SoBS (Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide) Chester as a support group leader and a SoBS helpline volunteer. I have also completed the Papyrus ASIST course, trained to listen to those suffering from depression. I represent the Chaplaincy Team on CWAC’s Suicide and Self Harm Prevention steering group.

Naloxone trained

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